40th BMW MOA International Rally
Sedalia, Missouri

Sometime in May, 2012, Bill asked me if I'd be interrested in riding to Missouri with him to attend the 40th Annual BMW MOA International Rally. I went home and looked up event on the Internet and it looked very interesting ................ so I agreed.

We decided we'd be gone two weeks - 5 days to ride from California to Sedalia, Missouri, 4 days at the rally, and another 5 days to return home. Bill asked a friend of his, Rob, from Colorado about suggestions for roads to ride on the way and Rob came through with some good ones. These roads included Owl Creek Pass, Carnero Pass Road, The Valley of the Gods, and a few other places.

We left on July 14 and returned home on July 27. We hit most of the spots Rob recommended and they were all worth the effort.

We met Rob and Chris, a friend of Rob at the rally and spent many hours swapping stories - a great couple of guys.

Bill and I went on one of the self-guided dual-sport tours and rode about 80 miles exploring the back roads east and south of Sedonia. The countryside was interesting but pretty tame compared to the sights we saw in Utah and Colorado.

Click on the links below to see some of the photos I shot on this ride.