ST1300 Ride to Montana - June 9, 2010

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Linda had a dual purpose, week-long trip planned for June 10, 2010. Her primary reason was to attend the high school graduation ceremony of the child of one of her cousins which was combined with a family reunion of sorts. The second reason was to attend Portland's annual Rose Parade.

Rather than sit around waiting for Linda to get home, I decided to take our new Honda ST1300 on it's first ride out of state to visit the folks in Hamilton. The motorcycle performed as advertised - smooth, powerful, comfortable, and reliable.

I ran into quite a bit of rain on the way up, but I have the appropriate gear and stayed dry and warm. Everywhere I stopped the locals were complaining that this was the rainiest springtime in many years. All the rivers and streams were running very high - in some places water was within a few feet of the bridge decks. I saw evidence of recent local flooding in Idaho, although it didn't look like anything major.

Jay put me up in his newly remodeled house - WOW! I was sorry to hear that I missed Janie - she was out of town. Paul, Jay, and I went out shooting and had a great day. I visited with Dad both days I was in Hamilton. Although he seems to be physically fit and happy, it was hard to keep the conversation from wandering back to the stories of his working days.

It seems all the Printz women are avoiding me - Sandi was also out of town.

On Sunday afternoon, I rode up to Ken's place, north of Missoula, and spent a pleasant evening shooting the breeze. Sharon was out of town making it unanimous for the Printz women - should I take a hint? We were up around 6:00 AM Monday morning so Ken could get to work and after a little breakfast we both hit the road.

I pretty much blasted back home, making 560 miles from Ontario, Oregon to home on the second day.