Elderhostel at Coos Bay - Aug 8, 2009

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Linda and I celebrated our 26th anniversary by spending a week on the Oregon coast with an Elderhostel educational tour. We stayed in the dormitory of Southwestern Oregon Community College and attended lectures and went on daily field trips led by their geology professor.

One of the highlights of the trip was a 64 mile jet boat ride up the Rogue River where we had dinner at a place called Lucas Resort.

The jet boats are really powerful, fast, and smooth. The river is a very interesting place, with all kinds of wildlife. We saw many species of birds, including eagles and ospreys and we even got to see a couple of river otters.

Another highlight was a dune buggy ride in the sand dunes near Florence , Oregon . There is really a LOT of sand in that area and most of it can be ridden on by motorcycles and ATVs.