Ride to Angels Camp - Nov 13, 2008

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Today I decided to take the long way to Angels Camp to have lunch at Perko's Cafe. I've been using that restaurant as an excuse for motorcycle rides for many years. Much to my surprise, when I pulled up it was no longer a Perko's, it had a new name - Country Cafe or some such. Not only that, but it was closed up and the building was for lease. Another sign of the crashing economy.

Oh well ........... I had a great ride getting there anyway. I took some real goat trails - Tonzi Rd and Hogan Dam Rd were particularly interesting. Hogan Dam road was gravel for much of its length and there were even a couple of stream crossings. It crossed several ranches and I had to open and close a couple of gates. Very interesting and very isolated - kind of spooky, actually. The only living things I saw were a whole bunch of cattle and a few curious dogs. I'm not counting the many deer that didn't seem phased by my passing.

On the way home, I took more goat paths - Dogtown Rd and Calaveritas Rd from Angels Camp to San Andreas was really interesting - narrow, bad surface, isolated, deserted, and scenic. I also decided to take Gwin Mine Road into Jackson. I'd been that way before some years ago and it is just as interesting today. There seems to be no end to the little roads traversing the gold country - I can't wait for my next ride.